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In this book, the author shows that the art of Dumog (Filipino Wrestling/Grappling) can be found in every area of training within the Filipino martial art. These areas or "sub-systems" are, "single sword/stick", "double sword/stick", "spada y daga/sword & dagger", "single/double dagger", "bangkaw/sibat (spear/staff)", "kadena de mano/tanikalang kamay", "panuntukan/sikaran (fist-fighting/kicking)", "dos manos", etc. Included in these areas are principles and concepts in how to disarm and how to protect your weapon from being taken from you.

This volume shows the readers how knowledge and skills acquired from training in these various "sub-systems" and its corresponding principles and concepts, can be utilized in dumog. Even panuntukan/sikaran combinations, which on the outward appearance is not considered as grappling techniques, is shown as takedown (panumba) techniques.

The principles, concepts, and fighting strategies that you apply in weapons training are the same principles, concepts, and fighting strategies applied in dumog and/or empty hand fighting.

This book is a must for Filipino martial art practitioners. 


Book Review

A New Way Of Seeing - Dave Reay (Boxer, Martial Artist, Lawyer)

 "I have been involved in the martial arts and boxing for ten years. I have been  searching for the "complete" art for almost as long, and I believe it is to be found in the Filipino martial systems. Haribon Dumog Vol. I - Source of Dumog Technique is the start of what may be the last word on the art. Mr. Rutano's book doesn't just provide the technique but goes further in providing the underlying conceptual framework. It is the conceptual framework that links the weapons, open hand, grappling, and kicking together, into one complete art. The book very brilliantly shows the transition from weapon to open hand and vice a versa. It is easy to read and follow, yet I found myself going back to it over and over again. Simply put, Volume I, teaches the reader a new way of seeing. I hope Volume 2 is close at hand."



Excellent Book - Sidney H. Stein (Filipino Kali-Eskrima Academy Of Chicago)

"Excellent book on Filipino Martial Arts especially in relating weapon techniques to empty hand applications. It will dispel any notions of FMA being "just sticks", as it illustrates the very effective boxing and grappling aspects that have always been present in the weapon systems. A welcome addition to any martial artist's library."





A useful addition to any eskrimadores' book collection - Bill Lowery (FMA Practitioner, UK)



"The Haribon Dumog book by Guro Dan Rutano shows clearly the correlation between the weapon (single stick, double stick, stick and knife and knife) and the empty hand grappling techniques. A useful addition to any eskrimadores collection - I'm looking forward to the second volume already!"







Straightforward & Non-mysterious Presentation - Hal Griffith (Kempo/FMA Practitioner)

Just picked up a copy of Guro Dan Rutano's book describing and illustrating "Source of Dumog Techniques". I'm extremely biased because I've trained with PG Dan and because my Master is a Guro of Rutano Estokada/ Kali. This is a book that discusses in a straightforward, non-mysterious fashion, where Dumog techniques exist in FMA. Grandmaster Richard S. Bustillo wrote the forward to this book. On the few occasions I have trained with GM Bustillo, he has paid amazing respect to Dan Rutano, his art and his philosophy. The book has many pictures that clearly illustrate the explanations that Guro Dan presents. The black and white pictures are sharp and well produced. As I said, I am biased. I have seen and felt this man move and am in awe. Besides that, he is a gentleman of honor and always humble and kind. I think though, that even were he a stranger to me, I would appreciate this book. 



Dear Haribon Dumog,
I received my copy of Volume #1 in the mail this week and was very impressed in the material contained inside.  As a student of the Filipino Martial Arts (and now instructor) I must say it will certainly change the way I teach and learn.
My inquiry is about Volume #2 that is coming soon, I would certainly order it based on the quality of the first book.
With thanks,
                        Lance Cross



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