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There are two kinds of membership in the Federation.

1.      Regular Membership – this can be accomplished by becoming a member of a duly recognized schools or training groups;

2.      Affiliate Membership – a membership granted to individual or groups who wish to be a part of the Federation, but with limited access to regular training under a recognized instructor.

All candidates for membership must go through a mandatory one (1) year probationary period. This applies to individual and groups/organizations.

Affiliate organizations must sponsor a minimum of two (2) seminars as part of their probationary and qualifying period. This is to ensure that affiliated organizations and their members know the required materials.

Affiliate individuals must participate in a minimum of two (2) seminars as part of their probationary and qualifying period.

After one year, Affiliate members may be considered and recommended for upgrade to Full-fledged member status. Full pledged status is not automatic and is subject to the approval of the Council.

  Promotion and testing:

A.     Full-pledged members can now participate in level testing/exam for promotion in rank.

B.     There is a flat testing fee of $50 per individual regardless of level of exam being undertaken. 

C.     Participating in a certification test does not guarantee a promotion in rank. All candidates for promotion must participate in sparring as part of their exams.

D.     Individuals to be tested must have current/active membership status (see Annual Membership Fee) to be considered for testing and certification.

E.     Fee for promotion to Instructor Level will be $1,000.

A Certificate of Rank is issued to each successful candidate indicating their new grade/rank and duly registered in the Federation’s roster. Each certificate bears the individuals unchanging registry number and identifies the member’s year of enrollment, serial number and chapter affiliation/location.

  Annual Membership Fees:

  1.  Groups/Chapters: $100

  2.  Individuals: $20

Annual fees must be paid/renewed on the anniversary date/renewal period of the respective group/individual.


  • Fee: $50 (must have active/current membership status)

  Seminars/Workshops hosted by members/affiliates

  • Per workshop (4 - 5 hours): $600.00

  • 2-day workshops (5 - 6 hours per workshop day): $1,200.00

The above seminar/workshop fee is exclusive of travel, board and lodging expenses to be paid by the sponsoring group/chapter. Please note that the above schedules of seminar and/or workshop fees are exclusively for Affiliate, Associate and Official Chapters of the Federation. Non-Members are subject to a 25% surcharge.

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